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Silver Wolf Productions LLC

Jo Ann Palmer Designs

Metal Smith | Jewelry Maker | Artist


This whole love affair started in high school, yes High School. At the opportunity to take a Metals class and fell in love.  From there I went to college and attained a bachelor's degree in 3D Arts focusing on metals. After college I was apprenticed at Earth dance jewelry for two years. Once my apprenticeship was completed I started Silver Wolf Productions and here we are.  

Over the years and through the classes I've taken I've learned many different methods of creating jewelry.  I keep coming back to my first love which is fabrication.  In this form the metal is manipulated all by hand (casting is a bit different).  With this method most pieces are a one-of-a-kind.   
My inspiration comes from nature, a sense of whimsy, and life in general. Thinking about it the fact that nature overcomes obstacles, seems to move around challenges to survive and thrive  I find it very inspiring. I do get a little obsessed with trees I will admit.  I think those two things (surviving and thriving) and the timelessness of nature become very reflected in my work. 
he other inspiration I have is whimsical. Trying to look at the humorous side and making pieces that reflect that. I love to create things that bring a smile to someone's face or even make them laugh. The other reaction I love is seeing that exact moment when the thing that I've created resonates with you my customer. That is an amazing compliment and it means that I'm doing my job correctly. 
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