Life is too short to wear boring jewelry!

Photographing Jewelry

Honestly I love making jewelry, watching someone's face light up as they find that perfect piece - which I created!  Well I have to tell you that add to my joy in creating. 

You know how there are parts of your job that you dread...  me too - photographing my jewelry is one of the biggies....  Why?  It's like photographing a mirror, with some reflective glass thrown in, and more mirrors.  ugh (hangs head)

I purchased a better camera and that helps - but it's still fiddly nonsense and to my mind the photos are never show the piece at its best and what is that weird color showing up? Oh it's the lens, or my shirt, or my arm....  God forbid you sneeze then everything moves......

However, I am getting better and the photos are getting better (i think) and there aren't as many tears these days..... 

I hope you enjoy my website and the jewelry!

(if you accidently stumbled upon this post looking for a "how to" sorry, if you find a good one please send me the link)


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