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Great ways to talk to artists at shows

So your are at a festival and want to talk to the artists but you're not sure what to say? Here are a few suggestions.


#1 “Tell me about your work.” It’s the perfect question.

#2 ” What/who influences you?” An excellent conversation starter, always welcome.

#3 “What inspired you to create that?”

#4 “What attracted you to working with pattern/the figure/still life’s/animals, medium?”

#5 Sincere complements are always welcome. “Beautiful work”, “well-done”, “great technique” is always nice to hear. I had one woman tell me, “This is the best work of the show.” and I could tell she really meant it. That was 6 years ago and it still makes me smile.

#6 It’s ok to just be silent. (it’s much better than an insincere complement) A person thoughtfully and quietly studying a piece is always welcome. Don’t feel like you have to say something. Although we do love to talk about our art.


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