Life is too short to wear boring jewelry!


Photographing Jewelry

Honestly I love making jewelry, watching someone's face light up as they find that perfect piece - which I created!  Well I have to tell you that add to my joy in creating. 

You know how there are parts of your job that you dread...  me too - photographing my jewelry is one of the biggies....  Why?  It's like photographing a mirror, with some reflective glass thrown in, and more mirrors.  ugh (hangs head)

Why do it?

The feel of the metal in my hands. Working with it as it becomes the joy

and delight of my soul and this creation somehow makes a connection to someone

else. This is how I share my voice with the world.

There is a wonder in creating a piece of art. Being able to make something that

speaks to someone else with out saying a word. I suppose it sounds god-like, but

maybe all creators are a little "god-like." I create something, it has the ability to reach

your heart so you fall in love, connect with it or want to share it.

Great ways to talk to artists at shows

So your are at a festival and want to talk to the artists but you're not sure what to say? Here are a few suggestions.


#1 “Tell me about your work.” It’s the perfect question.

#2 ” What/who influences you?” An excellent conversation starter, always welcome.

#3 “What inspired you to create that?”

#4 “What attracted you to working with pattern/the figure/still life’s/animals, medium?”

Begin with an idea

I begin with an idea, but as I work, the picture takes over. Then there is the struggle between the idea I preconceived... and the picture that fights for its own life. Georg Baselitz

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